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Learning Outcomes Assessment Communities

What are others doing in the field of learning outcomes assessments? Are there other professionals near where you live? Whether virtual or in person here are a few communities that you can be part of beyond conferences and professional groups. If you are part of a community and would like us to list it, please click here.

Under Network of Professionals, you can find groups, that usually meet in person, that you can join and network about learning outcomes and assessments. Listservs will keep your inbox full of conversations about learning outcomes assessment. Communities of Research are doing work on learning outcomes assessment that may be of interest. These groups, however, do not have membership base. Blogs are websites that you can go to, to find out more of the current conversation about learning outcomes assessment from a certain perspective.

Network of Professionals

American Evaluation Association

This association is an international professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation.

Chicago Area Assessment Group (CAAG)

The goal of CAAG is to serve as a professional peer group that provides a forum for sharing good practices, soliciting feedback and creating an open dialogue for gathering information and thinking through ideas. CAAG is open to anyone interested in higher educational assessment.

the e-Assessment Association

This online international association is for assessment professionals and educators interested in role of technology and internet on assessments.

New England Educational Assessment Network (NEEAN)

The mission of the New England Educational Assessment Network is to promote quality assessment of student learning and development, and thus to enhance the effectiveness of institutions of higher education. Membership is open to postsecondary educators who are concerned with assessment. NEEAN welcomes faculty, staff, and administrators interested in improving student learning and institutional effectiveness. In April 2010 the new institutional certification initiative with regard to assessment and accountability began.

New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability

The New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability leads the higher education community in calling for voluntary efforts to gather, use, and publicly report evidence of student learning at America’s colleges and universities. Specifically, the Alliance asks institutions to take responsibility for using data to assess and improve student learning because this work is critical for ensuring that college degrees reflect a high level of student achievement — and for reaffirming the quality of a college diploma.

Through its publication, Committing to Quality: Guidelines for Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education, the Alliance guides colleges and universities in improving the quality of a college degree. It asks colleges to take responsibility for assessing and improving student learning — to set clear goals for student achievement, regularly gather and use evidence that measures performance against those goals, report evidence of student learning, and continuously work to improve results.

North Carolina Community College Learning Outcomes Assessment Group

NCCCLOAG is a grassroots organization serving as a support group and a resource for anyone involved in outcomes assessment.

Presidents' Alliance for Excellence in Student Learning and Accountability

Institutions joining the Presidents' Alliance, an initiative of the new Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability, are publicly making a commitment to significantly improve assessment of, and accountability for, student learning outcomes on their campuses. This involves committing to an Action Plan to build on previous work to assess, report on, and use evidence to improve student learning. 

SHEEO Peer Consultation Network serving AL, AZ, CA, ID, IA, KY, LA, ME, MO, NE, NH, NM, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, WV

Peer Consultation Networks (PCNs) bring SHEEOs and their key staff together to address common state higher education policy needs and challenges. Of interest is the PCN on Student Learning-Accountability.

Virginia Assessment Group

"Membership in VAG is open to, but not limited to, all faculty and staff from both public and private institutions of higher education, as well as, staff of the State Council of Higher Education and of the Virginia Community College System and any person who has a professional interest in assessment in post-secondary education."

Listservs (most require login)

Assess- Assessment in Higher education from University of Kentucky is a go to place for dialogue about assessment. No login required to search past postings.

A sub listserv has been formed to discuss usages of the new Proficiency Profile (formerly known as MAPP). If interested, please contact Phil Arcuria for more information at phil.arcuria <at>

California Community College Assessment Association (CCCAA) was established in 1992. This listserv is a place for testing professionals to write about things that work and do not work with assessments. You can find more information under the "listserv tab."

Evaluation Talk from the American Evaluation Association requires login information to join this conversation about evaluation and assessment.

POD: Professional and Organization Development Network in Higher Education is a listserv discussing teaching and learning issues as related to faculty development. No login required to read postings.

Student Affairs Assessment Leaders list's main goal is to provide the opportunity for full-time student affairs assessment professionals to discuss issues to improve their work. The group and its listserv is open only to educators that coordinate assessment for divisions of student affairs.

Communities of Research
These communities are doing work on learning outcomes assessment that may be of interest. These groups, however, do not have membership base.

Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE)

AALHE is an organization of practitioners interested in using effective assessment practice to document and improve student learning. There are also blog entries to stimulate online conversations about assessment. Membership in the AALHE is open to all who have an interest in assessing and improving student learning in higher education. Individual and institutional memberships are available. Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation "provides balanced information concerning educational assessment, provides evaluation and research methodology, resources to encourage the responsible use of educational data, and promotes the best resources within their scope."

OECD Feasibility Study for the International Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO)

The OECD Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) is a ground-breaking initiative to assess learning outcomes on an international scale by creating measures that would be valid for all cultures and languages. Between ten and thirty-thousand higher education students in over ten different countries will take part in a feasibility study to determine the bounds of this ambitious project, with an eye to the possible creation of a full-scale AHELO upon its completion.

New England Consortium on Assessment and Student Learning

In collaboration with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, NECASL initiated an innovative assessment project exploring how students learn and how they make important decisions about their academic programs.

We highlight a few blogs that are updated regularly on issues around learning outcomes assessment, usable for all audiences.

Association of American Colleges and Universities blog: nation (A blog from the LEAP Initative)
“It features postings and perspectives on "liberal education" - how it is changing, why it is so important in today's world, and what people are saying about it around the country and the world.”

Chronicle of Higher Education special blog series: Measuring Stick
A blog series that ran during the fall of 2010, where experts explore the quality and assessment of higher education. Read NILOA's content analysis on this series here.

David Eubanks blog: Higher Ed/
Dr. Eubanks, Dean of Academic Support Services at Johnson C. Smith University, regularly posts issues of assessment on his blog.

Helen Barrett blog: ePortfolios for Learning
This blog to discusses Dr. Barrett’s ideas on electronic portfolios to support lifelong learning. She hopes to share some of her concerns about the current direction of electronic portfolios in Higher Education and K-12 schools.

Linda Suskie blog
An international leader in higher education assessment and accreditation, this blog holds a few of Linda’s thoughts.

Pat Williams blog: Assess this!
Assess this! is a gathering place for information and resources about new and better ways to promote learning in higher education, with a special focus on high-impact educational practices, student engagement, general or liberal education, and assessment of learning.